Nested in the heart of Bosnia, in the narrow valley of the Lasva River, flanked by steep slopes of Vlasic and Vilenica mountains, Travnik is well worth a visit.

The city has a long history dating back to the Bronze Age.  There are numerous indications of  Roman settlement in the region. In the time of the medieval Bosnian kingdom Travnik was one of a number of fortified towns in the region.

Once the seat of Bosnia’s viziers (Ottoman governors), the castle town of Travnik is now best known for its sheep’s cheese, ćevapi meatballs  and as the birthplace of Nobel Prize–winning author Ivo Andrić, who set his classic novel Bosnian Chronicle (The Days of the Consuls)  in his hometown.

Mountains resorts in the area , notable the Vlašić  mountain, offer a range of hiking, winter and summer  sport and leasure activities.

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